Meet the team

Meet the Managers

Rosie Mechen

Conveyancing Manager/Licensed Conveyancer

Rosie is an experienced Conveyancing Manager and Licensed Conveyancer, who has spent 8 years working at Medway Law. Rosie thrives in supporting her team and watching them develop and build their technical knowledge. She also loves working for a forward-thinking business that continuously innovates and betters its processes.

Matthew Grant

Conveyancing Manager

Joining Medway Law in March 2022, Matthew is a Conveyancing Manager.

His favourite part of working at Medway Law is the variety of challenges Conveyancing brings, as well as the collaborative nature of the whole team.

Matthew has a BA Hons Degree in Business Management.

Alex Jeffery

Conveyancing Team Leader

Alex joined Medway Law in November 2022 as Conveyancing Team Leader. Alex has a Law degree and has previously worked as a Conveyancer and Conveyancing Manager.

Hannah Payne

Conveyancing Team Leader

Hannah has worked in Conveyancing for 15 years. Joining Medway Law almost 5 years ago.

Six months after joining, Hannah became a Conveyancer, handling her own caseload, and within 3 and a half years, she had progressed to Team Leader, supporting the team of Conveyancers and Assistants.

Hannah loves the opportunities working for Medway Law affords, as well as the skills and knowledge she and the team can develop.

Meet the Conveyancing Fee Earners

Abigail Halling

Conveyancing Fee Earner

Abigail is a Conveyancing Fee Earner who joined Medway Law in October 2022. She has a Law degree and has previously worked as a Fee Earner at another Law firm.

Alex Nicholason

Conveyancing Fee Earner

Alex is Medway Laws’s longest-serving member of staff with over 10 years of service, having been with the company from the very beginning. Alex has a CLC license and loves the work culture at Medway Law, as well as engaging in the challenges conveyancing brings.

Daniel Hans

Conveyancing Fee Earner

Daniel is a Conveyancing Fee Earner. He has an LLB Law Degree and has 5 years of experience at various Law firms, dealing with Residential Conveyancing, amongst other areas of Law.

Danielle Woods

Conveyancing Fee Earner

Danielle is a Level 4 CLC-qualified Conveyancing Fee Earner, who joined Medway Law in December 2022. Danielle has over 10 years of Conveyancing experience and loves the diversity of her role, as well as the different challenges each day brings.

Frankie Main

Conveyancing Fee Earner

Frankie is Conveyancing Fee Earner with both a GDL and LPC degree. Before joining Medway Law, Frankie progressed from Archiving Clerk to Conveyancing Assistant and then Trainee Solicitor.

Between completing her LPC, Frankie worked as a Senior Fee Earner, before moving to Medway Law as Conveyancing Fee Earner.

Jennifer Lantorno

Conveyancing Fee Earner.

Jennifer has wealth of experience in Conveyancing, having worked in a Solicitor Conveyancing Department for over 10 years.

She has worked as a Conveyancing Fee Earner at Medway Law for over 2 years.

Kazminder Sangha

Conveyancing Fee Earner

Kazminder is a Level 4 qualified CLC Conveyancing Fee Earner, with experience working as a Conveyancing Manager.

Lauren Ashworth

Conveyancing Fee Earner

Lauren has worked at iamproperty as a Conveyancing Fee Earner since July 2022. She has previously worked for a repossessions department, as well as a Legal Assistant, Legal Assistant Trainer and Team Leader.

Louise Yabsley

Conveyancing Fee Earner

Louise a law graduate from Northumbria University, has worked for Medway Law for over 2 and a half years. Since school, she has worked in law gaining experience in a variety of roles within two Top 100 Law Firms in London, as well as Private Practice Law Firms and in-house Legal departments.

Lynette Sharp-Davidson

Conveyancing Fee Earner

Lynette is an experienced Conveyancing Fee Earner, who has worked within a variety of different Law firms over a 12-year period. She is currently studying for a Cilex qualification and enjoys resolving issues so clients can successfully sell their properties.

Maddison Clegg

Conveyancing Fee Earner

Maddison is a Conveyancing Fee Earner who joined Medway Law in October 2022. Maddison has worked as a Fee Earner since 2018 and has the knowledge and skills to deal with Freehold and Leasehold properties, as well as Unregistered Titles.

Maddison enjoys building relationships with her clients and being able to share the good news once their property completes.

Reepesh Patel

Conveyancing Fee Earner

Reepesh has a degree in Accounting and Finance and has worked at Medway Law for almost a year and has previously worked as a Conveyancer for a Residential Property Law Firm.

Reepesh enjoys the interaction he is able to have with clients, from the introductory call through to completion.

Sally Ritson

Conveyancing Fee Earner

Sally is FCILEx qualified and has worked at Medway Law since January 2022, having previously worked in a conveyancing role at high-street Law firms.

Sally enjoys the camaraderie of her team and how they can help clients through often difficult times, such as selling a property after a family bereavement.

Tracey Stephens

Conveyancing Fee Earner

Tracey is highly experienced in dealing with sales purchases, having worked in the industry for 30 years. She is very passionate about property and joined Medway Law in 2022, as a Conveyancing Fee Earner.

Claire Smith

Conveyancing Fee Earner/ Licensed Conveyancer

Claire is a Licensed Conveyancer & Qualified Commissioner of Oaths. Her current role at Medway Law is as a Conveyancing Fee Earner. Claire has a wealth of experience in all aspects of residential conveyancing, mentoring, and compliance. She has previously worked as an in-house Conveyancer for various lenders.

Leah Jenkins

Conveyancing Fee Earner/ Licensed Conveyancer

Leah is a Licensed Conveyancer who has recently joined Medway Law as a Conveyancing Fee Earner. She has a wealth of experience, working at a High Street Law Firm for over 18 years. She loves helping clients achieve quick and successful outcomes with their conveyancing transactions.

Meet the Solicitors

Emma Richmond

Conveyancing Fee Earner/ Solicitor

Emma is a newly qualified Solicitor whose qualifications include a Law degree, Masters in Law and LPC at Northumbria University. She has worked at Medway Law for over 2 and a half years, first securing a Training Contract in her final year of University. Emma enjoys working closely with her team and providing guidance and support where needed.

Georgia Houghton

Conveyancing Fee Earner/ Solicitor

Georgia is a qualified Solicitor with over 5 years of experience. Initially joining Medway Law after graduating from University, she progressed from Paralegal in the Auction Pack team to Conveyancing Assistant, before becoming a Fee Earner/ Solicitor.

Hannah Parton

Conveyancing Fee Earner/ Solicitor

Hannah has worked for Medway Law since November 2020, having previously worked as a Re-mortgage Paralegal.

Hannah qualified as a Solicitor whilst working at Medway Law and is delighted to be part of a growing company within the property market.

Jared Newton

Conveyancing Fee Earner/ Solicitor

Jared has worked at Medway Law for over 2 and a half years, having previously worked as a Medical Negligence Paralegal, Auction Pack Paralegal and Conveyancing Assistant.

Jared’s qualifications include LLB, LLM, LPC, FCILEX, and Qualified Solicitor.

Emma Hancill

Trainee Solicitor/ Conveyancing Fee Earner

Emma first joined Medway Law after completing her Masters degree at Northumbria University. She initially joined as an Auction Pack Paralegal, before progressing to Conveyancing Assistant and then Fee Earner. Emma enjoys the flexibility of life at Medway Law, as well as its challenging, but rewarding culture.

Katie Brown

Trainee Solicitor, Conveyancing Fee Earner

Katie has worked for Medway Law since November 2021. She has worked in Conveyancing for over 6 years and gained a lot of experience as a Conveyancing Assistant before being given to opportunity to progress to Fee Earner at Medway Law.

Katie has both LLB and LPC qualifications.