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Selling a house at auction means completing a sale with enhanced speed and security. Our specialist team understand that both speed and quality of service are crucial factors when dealing with auction property preparation and the conveyancing process.

As one of the UK’s only dedicated auction conveyancing specialists, we’re not distracted by the general legal issues that many Solicitors have to contend with. We focus exclusively on providing you with the guidance, expertise and knowledge needed to ensure a smooth and speedy process, from start to finish, on every sale.

Auction Packs

If you’re selling your property at auction, you will need an Auction Pack. These packs contain important information for any prospective buyers, so they can make an informed decision. Our aim is to also speed up the conveyancing process once a buyer is found, by making sure that all the necessary information required by the buyer’s conveyancer is already contained within the pack. Our experienced team will deliver the pack within 14-21 days, ensuring your property is ready to sell as quickly as possible.

Conveyancing Services

With an auction sale there is usually a fixed period of time to exchange and complete. Our team of specialists fully understand the legal process, its complexities, quirks and tight timescales, providing a seamless experience from sale to completion!

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As we’re regulated by the Council for Licenced Conveyancers, you can be confident that your conveyancing is handled correctly, from start to finish.

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We’re not distracted by the general legal issues that many Solicitors have to contend with, meaning we focus solely on providing you with the very best service.

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Our conveyancing service is designed to deliver a quick, efficient and transparent process.